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Published: 2021-07-06 01:25:05
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Chan, Phileene Rosette l. Life After Life The poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe is a romantic tragedy that talks about love and death. It started with making the readers feel like they are in a fairy tale and ended up sadly. The poem is also about eternity which makes the story more catchy. It revolves on three major aspects: Annabel Lee; which is the title of the poem, me (Poe), and the Kingdom by the sea which are constantly repeated on each stanza of the poem. The repetition of these words or names makes the poem give a song like atmosphere on the readers.
The first stanza introduced the whole content of the poem as to what a fairy tale is used to be introduced. It stated that the poem happened many years ago in a kingdom by the sea. It also introduced the major character of the poem which is Annabel Lee. She was described there as a maiden giving the readers an impression that this girl is young and might be beautiful (for maidens are usually described as beautiful in most of other literary texts). Then finally on the last line, it revealed that the girl is somehow obsessed with Poe for her only thought is to love and to be loved by him.
What Is The Mood Of Annabel Lee
The second stanza revealed that both Annabel and Poe were young that time but they have loved each other very much. We can also notice on this line, “We loved with a love that was more than love”, the repetition of the word love that makes the line much stronger. It means that even though they were still children that time, they already felt the kind of love that is usually felt by the older ones. But on the last two lines of the second stanza, it gives an impression that their love will be challenged because their love was noticed by the angels and “coveted” them (meaning to want omething that doesn’t really belong to you).
On the third stanza, which is the turning point of the poem reveals that because the angels coveted Annabel and Poe, they (angels) were the reason why a wind blew and chilled Annabel Lee. Somehow it gives a creepy feeling on the reader’s part reading those lines because it gives an impression that Annabel Lee might already be dead because of the word “chilling” which may be connected on a dead’s cold body (but it is not yet stated that Annabel is already dead). On the last four lines, we can see, on the other hand, the conflict between Poe and Annabel’s family.
He made use of the word “highborn” to describe the kinsman which is Annabel’s family. It gives an impression that probably Poe is Just a commoner while Annabel is highbred that made the readers feel that maybe, there is an opposition for their relationship for he also stated that the family “bore” her away from him meaning, they took Annabel away from him. We can also feel the pain that Poe is going through by throwing these After the opposition that they went through on Annabel’s family, Poe is now going back to the angels and directly blames them for what happened between him and Annabel.
He states that they are happier than the angels above that made them envious. There is also a statement there that not only him knows that it is because of the angels, for taking Annabel, but everyone does. Poe sounded mad on this part. Finally, he made use of the word “killing” on the last line that made the readers know that Annabel is already dead. On the fifth stanza, Poe stated how much he loves Annabel and how strong their relationship is. He said that even the angels above and demons under that sea can “dissever” or separate them. Meaning, even though they were only very young that ime, that didn’t matter at all.
Poe is giving the readers an impression that nothing can tear their love apart that makes even the reader’s somehow be envious with them. After bringing the readers into the past mood, now, on the sixth stanza, Poe is taking us onto the present mood. He states that whenever the moon is shining, he dreams of Annabel Lee. He also stated that he sees Annabel’s eye through the stars. On the last four lines, he concluded the story of them with a never ending love for he stated that their bodies can never be apart for he is always magnetized on Annabel’s dead ody.
He also made use of the words “my life and my bride”. This is not literally translated but it means that they are united in death. And on the last line, he made use of the word “sounding” to describe the sea. It gives an impression that he is half dead and/or half alive sleeping next to Annabel’s tomb by the cold sea. Three major aspects can be derived from this poem: love against the odds, death and eternal love. Let us first talk about love against the odds. We can notice that there are oppositions between Poe and Annabel’s relationship.
This includes the supernatural indrances; which are the angels, Annabel’s family because of their social status, and even Annabel’s death. All of these didn’t matter on both of them. It never served as a barrier or hindrance for them. Well in fact, these road blocks made their relationship much stronger. Next is death. Death, literally seen through the lines is Annabel’s death. This caused so much pain in Poe’s part. But digging deeper, another death can be derived here. It is Poe’s death; being half alive and being half dead because Annabel already passed away.
The Kingdom by the sea can also be associated with death because it is where hey built there relationship and now, it is a place of memory, a place where Annabel’s tomb is located- a dead place. Lastly, is eternal love. The story started with love and ends with an eternal love. This is not hard to conclude because their love is still alive, even when Annabel died. It is very evident because their love is still passionate even though there are lots of can’t tear them apart. A To capsulize everything, Annabel Lee is a poem that is all about two youngsters that fell in love with one another.
It is about the life of Poe after his life, Annabel. They felt he kind of love that is more than a love and even though there are lots of hindrances around them including the opposition of Annabel’s family, the supernatural Jealousy and death, it never break them apart. All of these barriers tested how much they love each other. They proved that their minds, bodies, hearts and souls are united not only in life but also in death. Love itself is undying. And with that, on the later part, even though Poe is suffering a lot, he still managed to show Annabel how much he loves her; a kind of love that is undying, a kind of love that is eternal.

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