Issues & Legislation

Dear Friends and Constituents,

Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about my priorities for House District 52 and Oregon. In my past two terms as State Representative, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. However, there is more work to be done. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at 541-387-8683.

Jobs and Economy
Priorities for 2015
-We must continue to build a positive environment for growth and expansion of small businesses. Instead of impeding success, Oregon should be providing support for these business owners to keep their hard earned dollars and hire more workers.

Highlights from 2010-2014
-Supported Oregon’s first ever small business tax cut
–> Reduces the tax rate to 7% (down from current 9.9%, one of the highest tax rates on     small business in the nation) on the first dollars of income for small businesses.
-Passed HCR 12 proclaiming Brewers Yeast as Oregon’s State Microbe giving the fermentation industry recognition for their contribution to the state tourism and overall economy.
–> Oregon’s wine industry employs 13,500 people and contributes $2.7 billion
–> Oregon’s brewing companies employ over 29,000 people and has an economy impact of $2.83 billion per year
-Supported the to promote private-sector investment where economic development is needed the most.
–> Helps finance investments and create jobs in low-income communities
–> Delivers below-market-rate investment options to Oregon businesses
–> Attracts additional Federal New Markets Tax Credit investments in Oregon
–> Sparks revitalization in Oregon’s low-income communities

Education – Putting Kids First
Priorities for 2015
-Kids who can read at grade level are FOUR times more likely to graduate high school. In 2015, I will work to pass a literacy initiative with support from the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Education Investment Board, and other Education Organizations to make a significant investment into early literacy. This goes hand-in-hand with needing to stabilize the funding source for public education and making sure our kids and teachers have adequate resources.

Highlights from 2010-2014
Funded schools first
-Supported providing more funding to schools to supplement the 2011-13 K-12 budget.
-As Co-Chair of the House Higher Education Subcommittee, worked to expand access to Oregon universities, community college and workforce development programs.
-Co-sponsored and passed legislation to expand access to innovative public charter schools.
-Supported legislation allowing parents to enroll their children in the school district of their choice.
-Supported legislation allowing local school districts to eliminate unnecessary administrative overhead and redirect savings to classroom instruction.
-Supported the creation of the Educator Preparation Improvement Fund to improve the preparation of teachers and administrators.
-Voted to eliminate unfunded state mandates that takes dollars away from the classroom.

Health Care
Priorities for 2015
-Cover Oregon is an example of a well-intended effort to improve health insurance coverage for Oregonians but the results have been unacceptable. We must overcome the negative reaction to Cover Oregon and restore the publics’ faith in our governments ability to lead.
-We need to improve the quality of care providing in rural Oregon. Ensuring that all citizens have access to high quality of health care professionals and facilities is a priority.

Highlights from 2010-2014
- Passed HB 2896 prohibiting children under 18 from using tanning beds except for special circumstances.
–> Children and young people are more at risk of developing skin cancer.
-Supported reforms to the Oregon Health Plan
–> Improved the efficiency and delivery of health care services to vulnerable Oregonians.
-Supported the creation of pilot programs to provide dental care to underserved Oregonians.

Public Safety
Priorities for
-Continue expanding support for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault awareness and prevention.
-Ensure that our public safety officers have adequate resources to continue protecting our communities.

Highlights from 2010-2014
- Passed the full funding of the budgetary request in the Department of Justice budget.
- Supported implementation of voter-approved sentencing measures that keep career criminals and chronic drunk drivers behind bars.
-Supported closing a loophole that allowed sex offenders to escape tougher sentences, and voted to crack down on sex trafficking of minors.
-Voted to expand protections for crime victims and approved additional policies to support victims of domestic violence.

Government Spending
-Supported a balanced budget that does not raise taxes on Oregonian.
-Supported measures to cut wasteful spending and redirect savings to essential services.