2015 Legislative Survey

Dear Citizens,

At the beginning of the 2013 and 2014 Legislative Sessions, you provided me with your input on a number of issues. Your opinion makes a difference in the way I make decisions in Salem and allows me to better represent our district, so thank you for your time. In the 2015 session, there are many important topics being considered and I would like to hear for you once again. Below are questions regarding some key topics likely to be discussed during session.

Representing you is my highest priority. As the session progresses, I encourage you to continue communicating with my office on issues of importance to you. Fill out the questions below and be sure to include your contact information!


Mark Johnson

Oregon State Representative

Issues Survey

1. Paid Sick Leave:
Do you support requiring Oregon employers to provide as many as seven days of paid sick leave to their workers – no matter the company’s size?
2. Background Checks:
Are you in favor of broadening the background check requirements for gun purchases?
3. Energy:
a. There will be many proposals to impact energy consumption by Oregonians, for example a Carbon Tax. How supportive are you of paying more for your energy consumption (fuel, utilities, manufactured products) in order to lower Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions?

b. If you knew that any of these measures could also be
harmful to Oregon’s economy would it change your feelings?
4. Small Business Tax Relief:
In 2013, the Legislature lowered the tax rate paid by certain small businesses from 9% to 7%. There will be attempts to eliminate or modify this tax cut in the next session. Would you support eliminating
this tax cut and returning to the previous tax rates on small businesses?
5. Kicker:
The Oregon Constitution provides a rebate for taxpayers if the state collects a certain percentage above the estimated revenue in a 2-year (biennium) period. This rebate is called the “kicker”.
a. Would you support changing
or repealing the “kicker”?

b. Do you think Oregon Citizens should have a chance to vote and repeal the “kicker” with a ballot measure?

Other Issues Important To You:

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